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How to lucid dream

Welcome to our site, our site is dedicated to teaching you how to lucid dream. Our goal is to get as many people to start lucid dreaming as possible. We believe there are a wide variety of benefits for lucid dreaming and honestly wouldn’t you want make the most of one third of your time?

How to lucid dream

What is lucid dreaming?

A lucid dream is a dream in which you become semi or fully aware that you’re actually inside a dream. This realisation allows your waking consciousness to experience the dream consciously, enabling you to take control over what happens and what you experience.

Why lucid dream?

I believe there are a wide variety of reasons as to why you should begin lucid dreaming, one of these is that you can become more creative. Dreams can be an amazing place for inspiration, when lucid dreaming you can actively seek out creative ideas and bring them back to the waking world. For more information please read this article which provides why you should lucid dream.

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