101 Things To Do

Theres an infinite number of things you can do in a lucid dream. Here is a list i have chosen that shows 101 of the coolest things you can do in a lucid dream!

1.Using Telekinisis:

Using telekinisis inside a lucid dream is very fun you can pickup and throw huge objects like cars, buildings, or even planets!


Why not try flying in your lucid dreams, its the best way to get around, you can feel the wind on your skin and you can see the beautiful scenery.


Ever wondered what it would be like to fly like an eagle, or run like a horse? With lucid dreaming anything is possible.


You could have the biggest, most epic fights simular to scenes in the matrix without actually getting hurt or scarred!

5.Create your own world:

Creating your own world from scratch is a very cool thing to do, once you have created it you can visit it everytime you lucid dream as it will be stored in your subconsious.

6.Start/End a war:

For the action loving adrenaline junkies you could start a massive war, or you could end a war the choice is up to you!

7.Turn into a video game character:

Have you ever wanted to be inside a game and play as the main character? This can also be achieved in lucid dreams.

8.Taste Everything:

In lucid dreams you can eat or taste anything you want and your subconsious will make it taste real.

9.Talk to dream characters:

As dream characters are actually controlled by your subconsious talking to characters within your dream for example, parents, freinds or just randomers means that you talking directly to your subconsious

10.Visit prehistoric people/figures:

Meet and talk to amazing people like Charles Darwin. Walk around back in the day with egyptians or cavemen

11.Convince a dream character they dont exist:

Convince a dream character that they dont exist, strange reactions can occur, try it and see what happens.

12.Talk to animals:

Talk to any animals you encounter, who knows what they might say! Pets would be great to talk to in a lucid dream.

13.Extend your dream time:

It is possible but somewhat difficult to extend your time inside a lucid dream and make it feel like it is lasting for hours, days or even years!

14.Re-experience your memorys:

If you ever wanted to relive your greatest memory this is also possible, you could also remember old forgotten memories in near perfect detail.

15.Drive any vehicle you want:

Ever fancied flying a supersonic, driving a ferrari or sailing in your own private yacht? Lucid dreaming is a great method of doing so without any expense shed.

16.Visit Hogwarts:

Lots of people fantasise about being inside hogwarts and meeting the various characters of harry potter with lucid dreaming hogwarts is only a thought away!

17.Having sexual interactions with dream characters:

Its possible to meet any celebrity you want like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Justin Timberlaker or anyone else you desire.

18.Visit yourself as a child back in time:

Visiting and talking yourself when you were a child in a dream may be a positive physiological event for you.

19.Interact with your worst enemy:

Ever wanted to make up, hang out or just destroy your worst enemy? with lucid dreaming the power is yours.

20.Listen to music on your MP3 player:

Try to listen to as many songs as you can on your MP3 player on your ipod and find out how well your subconsious has remembered them!

Are you enjoying these lucid dream ideas but aren’t sure where to start? Learn how to lucid dream.

21.Freeze time:

I think some of the best scenes in movies are ones where time is frozen, and a single person wonders though the frozen people. I find the very concept of freezing time fascinating!

22.Control & Create elements:

Control and create strong powerful elements like, lighting, thunderstorms, rain, tornados, hurricanes.

23.Visit the Garden of Eden:

Imagine visiting and wandering around in the beautiful colorful garden of eden.

24.Grow really big:

Grow really big like godzilla and destroy things or eat a planet! Or you could just be a big freindly giant do what you think is more fun.

25.Have an EPIC lightsaber battle:

As the title suggests, have an epic lightsaber battle, mabye with Darth Vader, hell if your feeling brave why not try 20 Darth Vaders at once!

26.Resurrect Deceased relatives/pets:

Losing someone that is important to you is never an easy thing, this can be eased by visiting and interacting with them inside a lucid dream.

27.Admire your surroundings:

To make a lucid dream last longer and to just take in the full beauty and complexity of your lucid dream just admire the environment that you are in.

28.Dance at the best nightclub ever:

Imagine the best nightclub possible and start clubbing, show everyone the best dance moves you have got! + chat up anyone you want.

29.Create drawings:

Create spectacular drawings with a pen in mid air, if you dont want a pen you could just imagine the drawing being created itself.

30.Fight Zombies:

Alot of people would love to be in the situation where zombies have taken over, why not base lucid dream around it. You could have 5 of the best action movie actors fighting along side you!

31.Meet aliens:

Imagine yourself exploring the galaxies on an alien crusader ship for fun action packed adventures. You could be a fighter, pilot or what ever you want on this ship.

32.Reinact a book:

Read any book you like in waking life and then in your lucid dream try and reinact it.

33.Explore heaven/hell:

If you have ever wanted to experience or imagine what heaven and hell were like, you can inside a lucid dream, its just a thought away.

34.Moonwalk on the moon:

Just for kicks and the pure awesomeness, why not try moonwalking on the moon?

35.Watch TV:

Try and find the nearest tv and switch it on, who knows what your subconsious will show on it, its absolutely random!

36.Pull dangerously funny pranks on people:

Create some creative and mabye dangerous pranks and use them on unsuspecting dream characters, it will be very funny.

37.Look at yourself in the mirror:

Try and find a mirror nearby and peer into it, mirrors in lucid dream may reflect what you actually want to look like subconsiously.

38.Imagine what the future brings:

Try to bring yourself to a futuristic planet earth where our technology, knowledge and environment has dramatically developed.

39.Visit Atlantis:

Find and explore the hidden world of atlantis.

40.Ride a dragon:

What could be better then flying around on a huge fire breathing dragon?

41.Walk up a building:

Try to walk up tall building without gravity affecting you.

42.Play with gravity:

Try turning gravity off and watch as everything around you starts floating, or turn gravity on its side and watch everything slide and fall off the edge of the earth.

43.Create & Throw fireballs:

Making huge fireballs is relatively easy and they can be a very powerful weapon, you can also try different varieties like energy balls, lighting balls or water balls.

44.Cloud Jumping:

Try flying high and just above some clouds, then imagine the clouds being soft but solid, then run and jump from cloud to cloud.

45.Host your own houseparty:

Host your own epic house party, invite whoever you want, create an unlimited amount of food, get into a drunken mess + dance until you wake up.

46.Participate in an epic car chase:

Partake in a car chase, choose whether you want to be a badass criminal, a loyal police officer or anyone else.

47.Meeting with comedians:

Host your own little meeting to discuss the best jokes comedians can tell you, when you wake up im sure you will be laughing your head off.

48.Try to erupt a volcano:

Jump to the very edge of a volcano and force it to erupt, it will look spectacular!

49.Ride a river into Niagra Falls:

Create a little boat and ride down a river, at first it might seem tranquil but when you reach a waterfall or a place like niagra falls it will turn into the best water ride ever!

50.Play in a famous football team:

Play with and against any football team you desire the better the team is the more fun it will be.

We hope you enjoy all of these lucid dream ideas but if aren’t sure where to start Learn how to lucid dream.

51.Use the gun from Portal:

Use the portal gun to create portals, the portals can be used for all sorts, you could create funny pranks, teleport from A to B, show off + much more.

52.Host your own private concert:

Summon your favourite artists/bands to play all the songs you love in your own personal home.

53.Shrink yourself:

Shrink yourself and see the world in a completely different view just like an ant.

54.Watch a Supernova:

Imagine witnessing a star exploding it must be one of the most beautiful sights to see.

55.Ride a long waterslide:

Ride the longest waterslide imagineable, mabye it could be from one planet to another just make sure it has plenty of speed and corners!

56.Fight with Freddy Krueger:

Freddy Krueger likes to torment and kill his victims in their dreams, but why not teach him a lesson he wont forget?

57.Visit the center of Earth:

Dive or dig and take a trip to the center of earth, who knows what you will find down there.

58.Turn every dream character into you:

Try and turn everyone around you into yourself, it will be funny to see so many people that look like you.

59.Learn martial arts:

Similar to the scene in matrix where neo learns how to fight.

60.Eat a HUGE doughnut:

Everyone loves doughnuts, think of the biggest best looking doughtnut you can and then eat it.

61.Goto Candyland:

Think of a city made just out of candy and visit it, then walk around tasting everything you see.

62.Surf on the sun:

Visit the sun and surf the hot fast lava waves that await you.

63.Fly through a building:

Try and see if you can fly all the way through a big building.

64.Make someones day:

Find a random person that looks down and sad and make them have the best day ever, mabye you will give them a new car or give them superpowers. Im sure you will get an estatic reaction.

65.Scuba Dive in the deep sea:

Explore the deep blue sea and be amazed at the sights you will see, mabye you will see huge sharks, dolphins or mabye your subconsious will create something totally new.

66.Change the voices of dream characters:

Around you try and change the dream characters voices, mabye you want to change it to a musical instrument, an animal or a voice of the opposite sex.

67.Tell a dream character they dont exist:

Extreme and unpredictable results will occur when you tell a dream character they dont exist, they may just disagree or they might go absolutely nuts!

68.Practise extreme parkour:

Parkour is the act of moving quickly and efficiently by jumping and climbing objects. Now imagine doing this ontop of massive skyscrapers and on rooftops.

69.Change the colour of the dream:

Dreams can be modified in a variety of ways, you can dream in black and white, or dream in third person or even dream in a birds eye view.

70.Create your own song:

Summon your favourite band/artist infront of you and create your own song with whatever lyrics and instruments you want.

71.Pimp your car:

Find your car inside the lucid dream and pimp it up as you see fit!

72.Try a different job:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work somewhere else? You can imagine working anywhere you want to try and experience what it is like.

73.Step into a black hole:

Go inside a supermassive black hole and see what the outcome is.

74.Turn invisible:

Turn invisible and watch/freak dream characters out, it would be very funny to see their reactions.

75.Turn into a transformer:

Want to be a car, lorry, plane and a huge robot? why not try turning yourself into a transformer. You could participate in the war of autobots vs the decepticons

76.Have a rap battle with Eminem:

If you love your rap, try and have a rap battle with Eminem i think it wont be easy!

77.Do nothing:

Stay lucid and do absolutely nothing, theres a purpose and story behind most dreams you could try following the story and you can see where it leads.

78.Fight the 300 spartans:

Fight the 300 spartans with your bare hands and win!

79.Visit yourself in an alternate reality:

Visit and watch yourself in an alternate reality, see how much different it is to the life you are living now.

80.Have an epic gun fight:

Create alot of armed people around you and have an EPIC slow motion gun fight.

81.Go on a NASA mission:

Join NASA and carry out adventurous space missions.

82.Sorting out real life problems:

Try and think about how to resolve any problems you are facing in waking life, dreams are a great way to create problems and think of solutions for these problems.

83.Be Famous:

Do you dream about becoming a superstar? mabye you want to be a famous singer, actor or comedian, with lucid dreaming you can have all the attention and fame you want.

84.Explore your parents childchood:

Imagine watching and exploring your parents childhood, and learning how you think their childhood was.

85.Explore the Sahara Desert:

Run/walk and explore the sahara desert.

86.Charm a cobra snake:

Sit down in a busy town, then play a flute to charm a cobra.

87.Have/create children:

Ever imagined what your future kids may look/act like? Try doing so in a lucid dream.

88.Cure world hunger:

Cure World hunger and see what happens as a result.

89.Watch the sunrise/sunset:

Watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

90.Wait for nighttime to occur and watch the stars:

Try Stargazing inside a lucid dream it is visually amazing!

91.Run up the Mountain Everest:

Try quickly running up the mountain everest.

92.Try Skydiving:

Try skydiving out a plane thats high up in the air.

93.Try learning or developing a skill:

If you are stuck trying to learn a new skill in waking life, why not practice inside a lucid dream?

94.See a lunar eclipse:

Try forcing a lunar eclipse in a lucid dream.

95.Have a zero gravity flight:

Try forcing a lunar eclipse in a lucid dream.

96.Surf a tsunami wave :

Surf a huge tsunami wave in a lucid dream.

97.Ride in a hot air balloon:

Ride high in the sky in a big hot air balloon.

98.Swim with some dolphins:

Try swimming with a pack of dolphins.

99.Visit a nudist beach:

Walk and strut your stuff down at a nudist beach.

100. Watch the northen lights:

Watch the amazingly beautiful northen lights.

101. Do/Experience something you have only dreamt of doing:

Do something you will really enjoy, you are only limited by the inducing of the lucid dream and in what you believe you can or cannot do, remember everything is possible in a lucid dream.

We hope you enjoyed the 101 best things to do in a lucid dream if you dont know where to start Learn how to lucid dream.