5 Reasons to Start

There are so many reasons why you should start learning how to lucid dream right now. Below is a list of 5 of the most important reasons to start lucid dreaming today.

1. Time

We spend 1/3 of our life dreaming, if we say an average person sleeps for 7 hours they are spending 49 hours a week sleeping and about 2500+ hours sleeping every year. We could be achieving, experiencing and learning alot more in this time by using lucid dreaming. We can experience time differently inside a lucid dream which can be a great benefit as some people have had lucid dreams that have felt like they lasted for months and even years.

2. Learning

As we can directly communicate with our subconsious whilst lucid dreaming, you can learn alot more about yourself deep down. You can also practice any skill you want safely and effectively inside a lucid dream, the skill might be something that your trying to develop in waking life or it could just be a random skill you have just decided you want to try and learn. It is also possible to tell your subconsious that you want to change in certain ways, you could tell your subconsious that you want to stop drinking, smoking or anything else you wanted. In a way this is very similar to hypnosis.

3. Fun

The amount of fun you can have inside a lucid dream is practically unlimited, you can do absolutely anything you choose, such as; doing your favourite hobbies, doing things you’ve only wished about doing, fighting, travelling, experiencing the world or something else you would like to do. For more detailed ideas on what else you can do visit 101 Things To Do page. The cost of all this fun is just a bit of time and effort on learning how to lucid dream.

4. Creativity

Creativity and innovation inside lucid dreams are also unlimited, you might be interested in drawing/creating beautiful artwork or composing the worlds greatest song, the possibilities are endless. Albert Einstein had a dream that helped to influence his theory of relativity, this shows how much potential is available inside a lucid dream.

5. Overcome Nightmares

Some of us are plaged with nightmares, they can make us hate going to sleep, if you develop your lucid dreaming skills and become more aware, future nightmares can be turned in to happy and more rewarding lucid dreams.

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