How Binaural Beats can Induce Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreaming is realizing that you are in a dream state. When you reach this state, you will be able to control your dreams and experience anything you wish. When you are lucid dreaming, your subconscious mind is very susceptible to suggestion, so you can consciously impress your desires upon your unconscious mind. You will carry these memories with you into your waking life. This will give your affirmations a great deal more power.

Once you become lucid in a dream, you can do as you please — the dream world is at your fingertips! Whether this means flying around like Superman, engaging in wild sex with a celebrity of your choice, or even harnessing your ability to get over a fear or improve a certain aspect of yourself.

Numerous techniques can teach you how to do so, but most of the methods that are taught today are extremely ineffective and time consuming. For those in search of an easy, effective and proved technique to induce a lucid dream. It gets as easy as listening to recordings whilst falling asleep!

Yes, listening to Binaural Beats while sleeping is considered one of the most effective techniques used to induce lucid dreams.

Listening to Binaural beats is safe and works rapidly if you need to improve your Lucid Dreaming abilities, you ought to try this out. Binaural beats or binaural tones are sound-related preparing artifacts, or obvious sounds, the impression of which emerges in the mind free of physical boosts. The cerebrum creates a sensation bringing about low-recurrence throbs in the tumult of an apparent sound when two tones at marginally different frequencies are displayed independently, one to each of a subject’s ears, utilizing stereo earphones.

Binaural Beats adjust your brain’s frequencies with incredible accuracy. Listening to a track for a few minutes while relaxed is enough for your brain to start entering a different level of consciousness. Some of these tracks are designed to induce lucid dreams. They will take you through the Beta and Theta states to induce deep sleep and dreams, and later on move up to the Alpha state without quite reaching it’s full level, so that your subconscious will awake, while you conscious mind will stay asleep. This way, you will soon realize you are dreaming and you will be ready to design your own adventures all night long.

There are diverse levels of binaural frequencies and every one of them causes an alternate response in individuals.

The frequency range as follows;
Frequency range of:13 to 40 Hz are Beta waves and causes Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration
Frequency range of: 7 to 13 Hz are Alpha waves and causes Relaxation (while awake)
Frequency range of: 4 to 7 Hz are Theta waves and causes Dreams, deep meditation, hypnosis
Frequency range of: less than 4 Hz are Delta waves and causes Deep dreamless sleep

Where can I find binaural beats?

I’ve personally found that the links below have induced lucid dreams for me. (You should wear headphones for these.)
Video 1
Video 2

Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


What is dream yoga?

Dream Yoga

Death is an age-old mystery to humans, everybody has their own thoughts about what might happen after we die but nobody really knows for sure.

Every religion and philosophy offers a different perspective of the afterlife, but one of the most extensive teachings is offered by Tibetan Buddhism. The different schools found in Tibetan Buddhism explain how death is a ‘subtle’ state of consciousness, a state quite similar the level of consciousness we experience in our dream state.

The teachings found in Tibetan Buddhism claim, when a person learns how to become aware and in-control in their dreaming state, they can also use this experience to learn how to become aware during the death state of consciousness. However, it’s not quite that simple according to the teachings found in Tibetan Buddhism.

People may confuse lucid dreaming for what Tibetan Buddhist’s refer to as dream yoga. While the two practices are similar in many ways, there is also fundamental differences. You can have a lucid dream without practising dream yoga, but you can’t practice dream yoga without lucid dreaming. In other words, dream yoga is a practice within lucid dreaming and it’s this practice which is taught as a preparation for death and dying.

Dream yoga is a process of training your mind and serves as an exploration of the nature of reality. There are six stages within the practice of dream yoga, the first stage being lucid dreaming. The person should first learn how to become aware while dreaming so they can begin to practice dream yoga.

Once the student has learned how to become lucid while dreaming then the second stage is releasing the fear within the dream state. Often times the dreamer is asked to confront a threat in their dream so they can realize nothing can harm them while in this state. Instead of running away from the bear that is furiously chasing them…they would run towards it.

The third stage is teaching the dreamer to accept the impermanence of objects. This is achieved by acknowledging the constant change and dissolution of objects that happens in both waking and dreaming states of consciousness. Tibetan Buddhist’s teach that all phenomenon, including dreams, are illusory and without any inherent value. Through realising the impermanence of all things the dreamer can begin to see the absolute nature of reality and lose their attachments to impermanent objects.

The fourth stage begins to teach the dreamer how to control their dreams. This practice is accomplished with the dreamer choosing to change or alter objects within the dream; such as changing a house into a bird or by making a mountain change shape. This practice is used as the first step in recognising that all objects are illusory and impermanent.

The fifth stage of dream yoga is when the dreamer realises their own body is as illusory as everything else within the dream. The dreamer will begin to recognise they are also in control of their dream body by altering body shapes, appearances, and even making themselves disappear. This stage is meant to dissolve attachments to the physical self and body.

The sixth and final stage is only practiced once the dreamer has mastered all of the stages above. In this stage the dreamer visualises the appearance of Buddhist deities while lucid dreaming. The dreamer is told to focus only on the imagined deity because their appearance will help lead the dreamer into the ‘clear light’ of consciousness, the state of being that is closest to death. Even though Tibetan Buddhism teaches a person can not experience the ‘clear light of death’ while alive, the practices within dream yoga is the closest one can get.

The goal of dream yoga is to free an individual from the attachments to impermanent and illusory objects found in both our dreaming and waking states of consciousness. These attachments only lead to suffering because, as we all know, everything eventually goes away…even our bodies. It’s these attachments to impermanent objects which cause a person to see their surroundings as a stone-cold reality. Once a person realises the waking state of consciousness is just as illusory and impermanent as the dream state they will lose their attachment to objects, ego, and therefore lose their fear of death.

Even though nobody knows exactly what happens when we die, the Tibetan Buddhists have an elaborate school of thought dedicated to one of life’s greatest mysteries, a school with teachings at least 1,000 years old.

Through lucid dreaming and dream yoga, a person can explore a new perspective of reality with an emphasis on a question that has plagued humankind for an eon….’what happens when we die?’. It appears dream yoga has provided a satisfactory answer to that question for many of those who have practiced it.


Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

You are running through a field. Something is chasing you, and you’re afraid. You look off into the distance and see a carnival with a huge ferris wheel spinning round and round. Suddenly you’re no longer running. You’re on the ferris wheel having the time of your life. And then it happens. You begin to free-fall to your certain death. Just before you hit the ground… you wake up.

On the surface, our dreams may not make a lot of sense. When we do remember them, we often remember every detail, but in a way it’s fuzzy – like looking through frosted glass. Sometimes our dreams are simply manifestations of our daily lives. Other times, the symbols in our dreams carry special meaning that our subconscious or our spiritual guides are trying to convey to us in ways that our unconscious minds can understand and interpret, while our waking minds cannot easily do.

Below we have listed some common symbols that are seen more than once in individuals’ dreams that they request elucidation for them. At the point when the spirit world wishes to pass on something to us, they utilize the dialect and pictures that we can best identify with, to convey the desired information. Here are some common dream symbols and what they mean.


The colour “Red” – Red is a colour of energy – whether it identifies with affection, sex, viciousness or any extraordinary passionate reaction. We regularly dream of the colour red when we have been encounters one or a greater amount of these serious feelings. The way red is exhibited in the dream is critical. Is the dream overall red? Do you see a particular individual who is red in your dream? Is it simply a colour that you perceive yet aren’t certain why or how? These things must be considered keeping in mind the end goal to decipher the meaning for your dream.


The Telephone – Telephones are something that we see in many dreams. Sometimes the individual is utilizing the telephone, here and there the telephone is ringing, however, the individual can’t find it, in some cases it’s ringing yet they are hesitant to answer it. In some cases, the customer is utilizing the telephone, however, there is no dial tone. The telephone is an exceptionally exacting symbol because it speaks of correspondence. The way the telephone is utilized as a part of the dream is the key. On the off chance that you are calling somebody yet not getting an answer, then maybe you feel like nobody is listening to you.


Falling – Dreaming about falling is a standout amongst the most common symbols. Additionally it is the most changed in its meaning. On the off chance, that you dream that you are falling, yet you aren’t apprehensive, then you are tackling difficulties and deterrents and truly “putting it all on the line” in your life. If you are falling and alarmed then this can speak to your particular apprehensions of the obscure and apprehension of individuals throughout your life not offering you support. The location of where you are falling is essential also. Is it accurate to say that you are falling from a tall building? Falling through space? Falling off a boat into the water? These are hints to the meaning of the dream too.


Money – Often a standout amongst the most “welcome” symbols in your dream, particularly if you dream that you are getting it! Money speaks to certainty, achievement, and worth. How the money is exhibited in your dream is the key. In the event that you are accepting money from somebody, you are likely in agreement with your prosperity, or have as of late accomplished some objective you set for yourself. Is it true that you see money yet can’t become acquainted with? At that point, you may be feeling like achievement is not inside your range. You may be feeling an absence of certainty. In the event that somebody is setting money on top of articles, for example, furniture or individuals’ heads then this could be illustrative of worth – the amount you esteem individuals throughout your life or material things.


Numbers – This is another common symbol which many dreamers forget. For example, in one of my dreams there were 2 stallions in a field, a bit later in the dream I saw 2 individuals talking. In this example you may not make the association immediately; however, two is an imperative number because it symbolizes offset and additionally the duality of a circumstance or individual. Numbers can be truly critical and add another layer of profundity to your dreams!


Extending Lucid Dream Time

How can I prolong lucid dreams to make them last longer?

You can make them last from 30 seconds to 30 minutes easily just by rubbing your hands. You may sleep for only 20 minutes but it may feel like you have been dreaming for a full 3-4 hours. Not just skipping minutes here and there, but actually 4 hours of minute by minute lucid experience. Some people speak of dreaming for days and weeks, but it seems that obviously involves time skipping and such as the mind is known to do.

The longest lucid dreaming periods come from later REM cycles (generally after 5 hours) because these are longer. Any method for having longer lucid dream’s will always work better later in the REM cycles, such as WBTB.

To ensure you stay in the lucid dream for as long as possible, outside senses should be prevented being used.

1. Be sure to keep external light from entering your room as much as possible by closing blinds, using curtains or blind folds.
2. Remove all possible sound that you can from your surroundings.
3. Lock out the animals or anything else that may cause movement in the room, such as turning the fan so it is not directly blowing on you is a good example.
4. Take off any watches, wrist bands, necklaces, uncomfortable clothing, or anything that has a physical presence you are aware of on the body.

This is the first step.

Upon entering the lucid dream: Don’t just take off flying, or go crazy doing what you have wanted to do, or want to experience. A weak start will just end up in an average lucid dream, but we can correct this with about 30 seconds of dream time.

Upon entering the lucid dream:
* Immediately take note of all the senses as mentioned earlier.
1. Take a good look around you, all the bright vivid detail, take in the full sight of everything around you. The more you look at the detail, the brighter and more vivid it will become.
2. Listen to the sounds around you, really take in and appreciate all the different sounds you hear the more you listen to the sounds and look around you the more the sounds will correspond with the things you see.
3. Smell the things you are seeing around you take a slow whiff though as you do not want to interrupt your sleep breathing.
4. Now, as you walk and move, feel how amazingly real it feels to move your body as you walk.
5. Rub your hands together, feel the sensation of what that feels like. Feel the walls  around you or pick up a rock and feel the sensation and weight of holding it.

Now, combine all these sense. Intentionally, pick something up, feel the weight of it in your hand, the sensation of holding it and touching it, the vivid detail of it, smell it, drop it, listen to it thud, or shatter on the floor. Re-affirm to yourself that you are going to have a nice long epic lucid experience.

As you have engaged the senses deeply. and only taken maybe 30 seconds to do so, you have fully engaged your dream senses.

Now. Enjoy your lucid dream. You are conscious and fully aware but remind yourself regularly that you are conscious and aware. Don’t think about the body, or the bed, or that you are sleeping in the bed, but just remember that you are dreaming and that anything is possible. Every so often, re-engage the senses in one way or another.. make sure to engage the senses around you often. Remind yourself that you are going to have a very long experience and you will find that the experience will remain very vivid, detailed, and extended.

If you find yourself lost in the experience of having a great time, remember the 5 senses and to continue reminding yourself that this is going to be an awesome and very long experience.

The next time you want to extend your lucid dream experiences try the steps mentioned above. Please leave a comment below to let us know how you got on.


Electrical Stimulation causes lucid dreams

In general, a lucid dream is known as a state of mental awareness in dreams. It’s like something that lies between the conscious awake state and the state of unconscious sleep. In a lucid dream you realize that you are dreaming, with this awareness you can control your dreams. In a lucid dream, your subconscious mind is not the only one in control, your conscious state can also play its role here.

The quality of lucidity can vary, this will be influenced by the depth of the mental control of each person as they dream in their sleep. The more often you experience lucid dreaming, the easier they will be to control and direct the events that happen. Lucid dreaming probably is quite new in modern culture, but in fact, this has been around since a long time ago, and even, this practice has been carried out by Buddhist monks for thousands of years in the form of dream yoga. And today, modern technology has found induction techniques that could trigger a lucid dream.

In a study led by Ursula Voss fromJW Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, they used Transcranial alternating current stimulation, a way to stimulate the brain of the sleeper by using a set of weak current in a certain frequency. They believe that a mild electrical current stimulation on a person’s scalp can induce lucid dreaming. They studied the brainwaves of the sleeper in some frequency range, and at the frequency of about 40Hz, the awake-likestate of the sleeper can be detected more clearly. Mild current stimulation during REM sleep may affect brain activity of the sleeper, and can induce their self-reflective consciousness when they are dreaming. The study also said that other frequency cannot give the expected results, and the synchronous oscillations around 25 and 40 Hz is the most effective frequency to induce a lucid dream.

In this study, the scientists used 27 adult volunteers to spend four nights in a sleep laboratory. These volunteers have never experienced a lucid dream before. After they fall sleep, they gradually be in a phase of sleep, the rapid eye movement (REM). This phase is believed to be a phase of sleep in which most people have dreams. In this phase, the scientists applied electrodesthat contain electrical currents of different frequencies on the front of the volunteers’skull to stimulate theirbrains, it is applied for approximately 30 seconds. Not long after the stimulation, the volunteers were awakened, and the scientists gave the task to volunteer to give a report about the dreams they have experienced.

A lucid dream is a great opportunity to observe changes in brain conscious state. Scientists believe that electrical stimulation can provide many benefits, not only will it affect ongoing brain activity, but it can also induce self-reflective consciousness in a dream. Thus, in this study, the scientists concluded that electrical stimulation can induce a lucid dream. They hope that this technique could help to address a wide variety of disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder for example.


Are lucid dreams dangerous?

Most lucid dreams are positive, fun and rewarding experiences. Lucidity gained in unpleasant dreams or nightmares can turn fear into conscious courage. Being lucid in a nightmare helps you feel better about 65 percent of the time. Generally being lucid is seven times more likely to make nightmares better than worse.

Some people believe that dying in a dream can cause death in reality. But if this was true, how would anyone know? Anyone who died from a dream could not inform us to what happened. Alot of people after waking up from a dream alive, report having died in their dreams with no ill effect. Dreams of death can sometimes be informative experiences about life, rebirth, and death.

Some people believe that dreams are messages from the unconscious mind and should not be consciously altered. Modern research on dreaming shows that these are just models of the world. While awake, sensory and perceptual information governs our model. While dreaming, our bodies are paralyzed and our brain builds a world model based on a secondary source; namely, our assumptions, motivations, memories, and expectations. These biases are difficult to identify while awake, so a world based entirely on such biases, the world of dreams, can help us to recognise them. Therefore dreams are not messages, but are more like clues into the inner workings of our minds. The conscious and awareness that comes with lucid dreams allows dreamers to interpret their dreams while they happen.

Some people believe that lucid dreams are so exciting and pleasurable that they will become addicted and “sleep their life away.” But there is a biological obstacle to living in lucid dreams: that is we have a limited amount of REM sleep. Also lucid dreams can be inspirations for how to act and improve in reality. Your behavior strongly influences your experience in both worlds. Lucid dreams can be signposts for how you can make your waking reality more exciting and enjoyable.

There are some tactics that people may try using to achieve a lucid dream that can pose a risk. For example, sleep deprivation is unhealthy, but I personally find if I haven’t slept in awhile, when I do sleep, I get more intense dreams, and therefore, have a better chance at lucidity. But I don’t do this purposefully to become lucid.

Lucid dreams can be achieved through a number of techniques that pose no risk at all, such as MILD, DILD, WILD, etc. You can also take supplements to increase the chances of lucid dreams, or their frequency of it. Some supplements can pose risks, but some are vitamins and minerals that your body naturally needs, these can be taken in safe doses to make you more likely to have a controlled dream. Dont exceed a safe dose

Generally speaking there’s nothing dangerous about lucid dreams, make sure that, if you are actually inducing controlled dreams, you choose a safe method or safe methods to get there! Visit our techniques page to learn more.


The Struggles of Lucid Dreams

We have all had a point where we cant achieve lucid dreaming for a short or long period of time, some people like to call this a lucid dreaming dry spot. It can be really frustrating when you follow the basic lucid dreaming techniques and tips and you don’t manage to achieve any lucid dreams.

The struggles of lucid dreaming will appear for a variety of reasons these are;

Your trying to lucid dream too hard.

Alot of people start lucid dreaming being really really motivated and excited, sometimes this can be damaging to your lucid dreaming efforts, for example you may be overexcited if your practicing a WILD technique and it may cause you to miss out on lucid dreams. Being overexcited can also mentally stop you.

To combat over excitement you need to relax and tell yourself that you have all the time in the world to learn lucid dreaming. Only you can control your over excitement.

Your not trying hard enough.

If you aren’t trying new techniques, reality checks or you arent writing down your dreams you aren’t doing enough to induce lucid dreams.

If you haven’t induced a lucid dream in 6 months you need to start writing down your dreams, trying a technique every day and overall improving your motivation.

There’s something mentally stopping you (fear, nerves).

To start inducing lucid dreams you will need to get rid of anything mentally stopping you, this may be from feeling fearful or nervous.

To stop mental constraints you need to tell yourself there is nothing that can harm or hurt you in a lucid dream.

You doubt belief in the idea of lucid dreaming.

If you don’t fully believe that lucid dreaming exists you will have a very hard time experiencing and inducing lucid dreaming.

Myself and thousands of other people can honestly confirm that lucid dream does exist and it can be achieved with the right lucid dreaming techniques.

What has been your toughest challenge? Leave a comment below and let us know


Levels of dream characters

Whilst exploring lucid dreams you will probably encounter a few dream characters, they will give your dreams alot of structure, they can give you objectives, entertainment, advice, emotional scenes & more.

Why are dream characters included in dreams?

Dream characters are included in your dreams for a variety of reasons, firstly your subconscious has probably never had a day where it hasn’t seen a person, whether the person is on TV or physically around. This means your subconscious will create a real life dream model of your world & experiences and because you see human beings daily you will also dream about them.

Secondly seeing dream characters can help with solving issues in your waking life, for example; in your waking life you may have a problem that your boss has given you to solve normally in waking life you would talk to researchers to come up with a solution, inside a dream you can ask experts about a solution and you may receieve one. This method of course won’t always work and results will vary.

Dream characters are also important because they are normally used to give objectives and goals in dreams, for example: ‘your wife has asked you to go shopping and find a diamond ring.’ then the dream would follow this goal of finding this ring in a shopping mall.

What interactions can be achieved with dream characters?

The list of possible interactions can be endless with dream characters literally anything is possible.

Below is a list of 10 possible interaction ideas.

  1. Talking to a deceased person.
  2. Meeting a celebrity.
  3. Having Sexual Experiences.
  4. Asking for solutions to problems.
  5. Asking questions to creatures and pets
  6. Talking to comic book/cartoon characters
  7. Asking questions that no one knows the answer to.
  8. Pulling pranks/jokes.
  9. Exploring the dream world with them.
  10. Carrying out activities with them (etc.fighting, skydiving, flying)

Is there a limit to what a dream character can be?

The only limit is your imagination, the dream character can be a creature, a mystical being, a person from back in time, a cartoon character, a character you have created, a deceased character & more the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes in dreams you will notice some characters are very very clumsy and silly on the other hand you will notice very intelligent and alert dream characters. The level of intelligence visible in a dream character indicates how much of your subconscious is inside it. Therefore if you talk to a very intelligent dream character you are talking to a bigger/total reflection of your subconscious.

The different levels of intelligence in dream characters:

  • Level 0: These are background dream characters that you will see in your dreams, they are hardly noticeable so you probably won’t interact with them.
  • Level 1: These dream characters will offer you basic stimulation such as a small conversation, the conversation may be random and may not make sense.
  • Level 2: These dream characters will offer you slightly more detailed conversation that will probably make sense, but when told that it is a dream they will keep on denying that it is.
  • Level 3: These dream characters will know that its a dream and will seem to know everything about you, it can be very helpful to talk to this type of character.
  • Level 4: This dream character will know everything about you, they can help you with real life issues and offer you experienced solutions. They can also give you guidance with how you can control your lucid dreams better, they may also be able to offer you recreation’s/recollections of your past memories – This level of dream character is a dream guide.
  • Level 5: As I am open minded I’ve heard stories of people being contacted via their dreams by spiritual or godly entities. This would give a dream character a sense of being a true and real person.

    Also on this subject a dream character that appears via dream sharing is at the same level.


Sex Lucid Dreams

Sexual lucid dreams are probably one of the most common lucid dream goals, they can be used to fulfil your wildest sexual fantasies and give you unimaginable pleasure that may not be possible to achieve in waking life.

Sexual dreams can be the most exciting and fun activities in lucid dreams, it offers you free pleasure, free experience and a free way to carry out your fetishes. It seems that most people want to start lucid dreaming just to achieve and experience lucid sex.

Uses of sexual lucid dreams are the following;
1. To have fun and receive pleasure.
2. To learn and develop your sexual skills.
3. To carry out those fantasies you have longed to carry out.
4. To sleep with people/characters that would normally be impossible in waking life.

Here are some techniques to control and achieve sexual lucid dreams;
1. When in a lucid dream try to shout out the persons name and ask them to have sex.
2. When your about to turn around or go around a corner imagine a certain sexy looking person around the corner that is willing to do anything you command.
3. When your lucid try to tell yourself to become aroused, in doing so all the dream characters around you might want a piece of action.

FAQ about lucid dream sex

Q: Can you orgasm whilst dreaming?
A: Yes there are reports that people can experience full on orgasms/ejaculations whilst having a lucid dream. For all the men out their this works in the same way as a wet dream.

Q: How many times can you experience sexual lucid dreams in any given time period?
A: This is completely up to the lucid dreamers experience and perseverance, if you’re an experienced lucid dreamer there is nothing to stop you from having a sexual lucid dream each time you have a lucid dream.

Q: Is sexual lucid dreams considered as cheating on a partner?
A: I personally don’t believe so, but i would leave that decision up to the person and their partner, what one person might find as okay the partner may not be happy. You can chose to tell your partner that you are having these sexual lucid dreams or you can choose not to – the choice is yours!

Just remember that the dream characters are all part of your subconscious so I would class lucid dreaming sex as another form of self masturbation, I don’t think you can class masturbation as cheating!


Improving your will power

Quite a lot of lucid dreaming induction procedures will take a lot of willpower to carry out. Will power is a necessary characteristic needed in order to carry out a wide range of tasks in regard to lucid dreaming and dream control.

To strengthen your will power follow the information below:

Will power Exercises

  • Move 25-50 pins/paper-clips from one box to another very slowly & deliberately.
  • Get out of bed 10 minutes earlier than normal.
  • Start conversations/Say hello to 5 people you haven’t previously talked to.
  • Find a story or piece of text and try to memorise about 15 lines of text.
  • Try to resist a daily impulse such as moaning or arguing.

Will power Instructions

1. Choose one exercise from the list and try to complete the task. When you have completed the task take notes on how you felt and do a different task the next day. If you failed try the same task again the next day.

2.  After you have finished step 1 select another task and perform both the selected task and the first task you did in step 1, perform both tasks on the same day. Do these tasks for two days.

3. Add a third task and use the other 2 tasks in steps 1 & 2. Continue to take on notes.

4. Drop one of the tasks and choose another one. Keep on writing how you felt whilst carrying out the tasks.

5. Keep on experimenting with different exercises under your own control, you can make up your own tasks if you like. After continued exercises you will notice an increase in your willpower.