What is a dream guide?

A dream guide is essentially the most intelligent and helpful dream character you can meet.  A lot of people also believe a dream guide is basically your subconscious inside the dream, so when you talk to your dream guide you are directly communicating with your subconscious.

A dream guide can appear as an animal or a person that means alot to you, they are generally unique looking.

A dream guide can help with many things including;

  • Making you more spiritual/answering spiritual questions.
  • Helping you with complicated life issues.
  • Offer informative advice you require answers too.
  • Help you achieve life goals that you have set.
  • Help you achieve lucidity in future dreams.
  • Teach you how to improve your dream control & dream understanding.
  • Help with Dream Interpretation.

A dream guide can sometimes appear in normal dreams from time to time and they can be a familiar dream sign, in your normal dreams your guide may decide to inform/remind you that you are currently dreaming, this makes dream guides very valuable for your lucid dreaming experiences.

To contact and meet your dream guide you should try these techniques;

  1. When lucid try to imagine your dream guide appearing when you open a door.
  2. When you’re lucid try shouting/forcing your dream guide to appear.
  3. Ask other dream characters if they know where your dream guide is.

Overall you should try and find your dream guide in your lucid dreams when possible as they can offer alot of beneficial information and experiences that will help you out as a person.

If you have any experiences with dream guides that you would like to share with us, please leave a comment below.


5 ways to increase a lucid dreams length

Whilst you are lucid dreaming you will start to feel the dream fading away and loosing detail. To prevent this from happening try these 5 methods listed below. They will enhance and improve your lucid dream.

1. Dream Spinning

As soon as you feel the dream fading away try spinning around in the dream, this can have a variety of effects, these include; making the dream last longer and changing your location inside the dream.

2. Rubbing your hands together

You can also try rubbing your hands together, this will prolong your lucid dream. It works as you are using your sense of touch inside the dream.

3. Increasing use of your senses

This method requires you to increase your usage of all your senses, this means you need to feel and touch the objects around you, listen out for sounds inside the dream and look at the detail inside the dream.

You should try this method as soon as you are inside a lucid dream and also when it is ending.

4. Will the dream to last

Try and shout “clarity or focus”, this will make the visuals of the lucid dream a lot more crisp and life like.

5. Do a few reality checks

The sudden realization that your are dreaming will need to be backed up with several reality checks. Try checking your hands and make sure they look right, look at a clock several times and try holding your nose and try to breathe.


Increase your familiarity with dreams

The more dreams that you write into your dream journal the more your dream recall increases.

You will also become more familiar with your dreams. You will automatically remember different aspects like people, environments, and experiences and as a result you are more likely to encourage lucid dreams.


Remember being positive is key!

Try and be as positive and paitent as you can whilst developing the skill to lucid dream, as it may take you several weeks or months, you may become frustrated or annoyed.

You should try to remember that you will experience a lucid dream at one point.