Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

You are running through a field. Something is chasing you, and you’re afraid. You look off into the distance and see a carnival with a huge ferris wheel spinning round and round. Suddenly you’re no longer running. You’re on the ferris wheel having the time of your life. And then it happens. You begin to free-fall to your certain death. Just before you hit the ground… you wake up.

On the surface, our dreams may not make a lot of sense. When we do remember them, we often remember every detail, but in a way it’s fuzzy – like looking through frosted glass. Sometimes our dreams are simply manifestations of our daily lives. Other times, the symbols in our dreams carry special meaning that our subconscious or our spiritual guides are trying to convey to us in ways that our unconscious minds can understand and interpret, while our waking minds cannot easily do.

Below we have listed some common symbols that are seen more than once in individuals’ dreams that they request elucidation for them. At the point when the spirit world wishes to pass on something to us, they utilize the dialect and pictures that we can best identify with, to convey the desired information. Here are some common dream symbols and what they mean.


The colour “Red” – Red is a colour of energy – whether it identifies with affection, sex, viciousness or any extraordinary passionate reaction. We regularly dream of the colour red when we have been encounters one or a greater amount of these serious feelings. The way red is exhibited in the dream is critical. Is the dream overall red? Do you see a particular individual who is red in your dream? Is it simply a colour that you perceive yet aren’t certain why or how? These things must be considered keeping in mind the end goal to decipher the meaning for your dream.


The Telephone – Telephones are something that we see in many dreams. Sometimes the individual is utilizing the telephone, here and there the telephone is ringing, however, the individual can’t find it, in some cases it’s ringing yet they are hesitant to answer it. In some cases, the customer is utilizing the telephone, however, there is no dial tone. The telephone is an exceptionally exacting symbol because it speaks of correspondence. The way the telephone is utilized as a part of the dream is the key. On the off chance that you are calling somebody yet not getting an answer, then maybe you feel like nobody is listening to you.


Falling – Dreaming about falling is a standout amongst the most common symbols. Additionally it is the most changed in its meaning. On the off chance, that you dream that you are falling, yet you aren’t apprehensive, then you are tackling difficulties and deterrents and truly “putting it all on the line” in your life. If you are falling and alarmed then this can speak to your particular apprehensions of the obscure and apprehension of individuals throughout your life not offering you support. The location of where you are falling is essential also. Is it accurate to say that you are falling from a tall building? Falling through space? Falling off a boat into the water? These are hints to the meaning of the dream too.


Money – Often a standout amongst the most “welcome” symbols in your dream, particularly if you dream that you are getting it! Money speaks to certainty, achievement, and worth. How the money is exhibited in your dream is the key. In the event that you are accepting money from somebody, you are likely in agreement with your prosperity, or have as of late accomplished some objective you set for yourself. Is it true that you see money yet can’t become acquainted with? At that point, you may be feeling like achievement is not inside your range. You may be feeling an absence of certainty. In the event that somebody is setting money on top of articles, for example, furniture or individuals’ heads then this could be illustrative of worth – the amount you esteem individuals throughout your life or material things.


Numbers – This is another common symbol which many dreamers forget. For example, in one of my dreams there were 2 stallions in a field, a bit later in the dream I saw 2 individuals talking. In this example you may not make the association immediately; however, two is an imperative number because it symbolizes offset and additionally the duality of a circumstance or individual. Numbers can be truly critical and add another layer of profundity to your dreams!


Extending Lucid Dream Time

How can I prolong lucid dreams to make them last longer?

You can make them last from 30 seconds to 30 minutes easily just by rubbing your hands. You may sleep for only 20 minutes but it may feel like you have been dreaming for a full 3-4 hours. Not just skipping minutes here and there, but actually 4 hours of minute by minute lucid experience. Some people speak of dreaming for days and weeks, but it seems that obviously involves time skipping and such as the mind is known to do.

The longest lucid dreaming periods come from later REM cycles (generally after 5 hours) because these are longer. Any method for having longer lucid dream’s will always work better later in the REM cycles, such as WBTB.

To ensure you stay in the lucid dream for as long as possible, outside senses should be prevented being used.

1. Be sure to keep external light from entering your room as much as possible by closing blinds, using curtains or blind folds.
2. Remove all possible sound that you can from your surroundings.
3. Lock out the animals or anything else that may cause movement in the room, such as turning the fan so it is not directly blowing on you is a good example.
4. Take off any watches, wrist bands, necklaces, uncomfortable clothing, or anything that has a physical presence you are aware of on the body.

This is the first step.

Upon entering the lucid dream: Don’t just take off flying, or go crazy doing what you have wanted to do, or want to experience. A weak start will just end up in an average lucid dream, but we can correct this with about 30 seconds of dream time.

Upon entering the lucid dream:
* Immediately take note of all the senses as mentioned earlier.
1. Take a good look around you, all the bright vivid detail, take in the full sight of everything around you. The more you look at the detail, the brighter and more vivid it will become.
2. Listen to the sounds around you, really take in and appreciate all the different sounds you hear the more you listen to the sounds and look around you the more the sounds will correspond with the things you see.
3. Smell the things you are seeing around you take a slow whiff though as you do not want to interrupt your sleep breathing.
4. Now, as you walk and move, feel how amazingly real it feels to move your body as you walk.
5. Rub your hands together, feel the sensation of what that feels like. Feel the walls  around you or pick up a rock and feel the sensation and weight of holding it.

Now, combine all these sense. Intentionally, pick something up, feel the weight of it in your hand, the sensation of holding it and touching it, the vivid detail of it, smell it, drop it, listen to it thud, or shatter on the floor. Re-affirm to yourself that you are going to have a nice long epic lucid experience.

As you have engaged the senses deeply. and only taken maybe 30 seconds to do so, you have fully engaged your dream senses.

Now. Enjoy your lucid dream. You are conscious and fully aware but remind yourself regularly that you are conscious and aware. Don’t think about the body, or the bed, or that you are sleeping in the bed, but just remember that you are dreaming and that anything is possible. Every so often, re-engage the senses in one way or another.. make sure to engage the senses around you often. Remind yourself that you are going to have a very long experience and you will find that the experience will remain very vivid, detailed, and extended.

If you find yourself lost in the experience of having a great time, remember the 5 senses and to continue reminding yourself that this is going to be an awesome and very long experience.

The next time you want to extend your lucid dream experiences try the steps mentioned above. Please leave a comment below to let us know how you got on.


Summoning Dream Characters

Dream characters give your dreams alot of structure, they can give you objectives, entertainment, advice, emotional scenes & more.

Dream characters can sometimes be a learning opportunity, you should try to treat them with the respect they deserve. You may want to consider allowing them to be themselves instead of forcing them to carry out certain actions.

I have listed below some techniques that can be used to create dream characters in front of your eyes. I have learnt these techniques and used them myself in lucid dreams.

Techniques to create Dream Characters

Ask the dream

Try asking the dream to see certain characters, ask things like; “show me my dream guide” or “show me [Persons Name]”. By using this technique you are relying on your subconscious to present what it wants.

Dream Doors

Find a door within a lucid dream and strongly imagine that a certain person will be on the other side, open the door and you should find that person on the other side.

Round The Corner

If your walking down the street and your about to walk around a corner try imagining a certain person/group is around the corner. When you walk around the corner you should be able to see the desired characters.

Painting a Picture

Try finding/creating something to draw with and then try drawing an object/person. By merely thought alone that character should appear in the dream, if the character doesn’t appear try imagining the picture coming to life.

Shaping Up

If the summoned character looks badly different from reality, you should ask them to improve themselves. Say something like, “I’m going to look away and when I look back you will look alot like [Name]”.

Get Morphing

Choose an object or dream character and try to imagine them morph into a specific dream character.

Convincing another dream character

Start talking to a normal dream character and explain to them that a certain character is going to meet up with you in a few minutes, your subconscious can then choose to show you this dream character or it may totally ignore what you have said.


Visited my beachouse for the first time – Lucid Dream

Dream Signs:
Ufo’s, Aliens
, Having a Nightmare.

Main things i did while lucid:
Exploring the dreamscape, Contacting my dream guide, Teleportation, Changing to daytime.

I was driving on my way to work when i looked up towards the sky and saw a massive ufo in the sky, it really freaked me out and i managed to wake myself up. I went straight back to sleep and the dream continued on seemlessly.

Again i looked up at the sky and saw loads of strange objects wizzing about, i decided to pull over at a nearby car park in order to take a longer stare at the ufo’s. It suddenly turned dark and i remember that i needed to be at work, i got back in my car and started driving towards work. Whilst i was driving i was really panicking about an alien invasion, the dream started to turn into a nightmare.

Suddenly I realised that I was dreaming and I duplicated myself into the passengers seat and I slapped myself who was driving, I told myself  “Seriously stop worrying about it”. I don’t like dark dreams very much so i decided to try and teleport to my beachouse. I closed my eyes and imagined that i would appear at the beachhouse when i opened them.

“My beachouse is a small area that i have visualised many times in waking life.”

As i opened my eyes I appeared at the location that I had imagined, it looked beautiful. I thought I may as well take a look around and try to talk to some dream characters.

I saw infront of me a big building on the beach,  I walked through the door and noticed there was a party going on. There were alot of people around, i stood next to a group of three people and asked one of them “how they were doing” her reply sounded like it was a foreign language, i couldnt understand a word she said.

I tried to talk to a different group of people upstairs, I asked another woman the same question and she replied something incomprehensible, whilst I was trying to understand what she was saying I noticed she had some facial features that were VERY similar to the last person i talked to.  In the end I decided to keep on looking around the building.

I kept on walking about and i found a basement that contained a load of boxes and random bits, it looked like a storage cuboard. To keep in the lucid dream I kept on feeling and looking at the detail on the walls, to increase my luciditity even more i noticed a flower was on the table infront of me. I picked up the flower, touched it and then smelt it, I couldn’t believe how realistic and vivid the dream felt.

As my lucidity kept on increasing I remembered that I wanted to talk to my dreamguide, I tried to summon my dreamguide by shouting “dream guide come here”, but he didnt show up. A few seconds after shouting for  my dreamguide I heard my sister shout “Your dream guide is on the phone”, I followed the voice upstairs . As I picked up the phone I noticed a picture of Albert Einstein, as I put the phone to my ear I woke up…

That makes another time that i’ve missed talking to my dreamguide!


How to control dream characters

What are dream characters?

Dream characters are people that appear in your dreams, they will be your family, friends, enemies, loved ones and celebrities. Dream characters will appear in almost all of your dreams and they will help to establish and develop your dream further. The stories of your dreams may be pushed in certain directions by the dream characters, for example your father might ask you to go to the shop and therefore the dream will show you entering a shop.

What dream characters are used for

Story Development
These are the most common dream characters that appear in our dreams to help push the dream in a general direction or to fulfil a purpose.

For example: “My worst enemy smashed up my car and I had to seek my revenge!”.

Action Experiences
Dream characters can be controlled to fulfil your action needs, in a lucid dream you can choose to have an awesome fight against or with Bruce Lee.

For Example: “I was wondering what to do in my lucid dream when suddenly I thought to try fighting 100 of the agents from The Matrix”.

Sex Experiences
A lot of people enjoy sexual experiences, with lucid dreaming you can control/persuade dream characters to do anything you like with them. You can control any character you imagine to do whatever you wish, this makes for the best sexual dreams.

For Example: “I chatted up a woman in the bar and thought to myself where I should end up.”

Self Development Experiences
Dream characters can be used for self development purposes aswell, because the characters are made from your subconscious you can determine certain things from asking the dream characters questions.

For Example: “I asked a school teacher whether I would be successful and he replied with an inspiring sentence that has motivated me to do well”

Dream guides are also well known for self development, they are the smartest dream characters you will come across, the dream guide is basically the highest part of your subconscious. By talking to your dream guide you can be directly communicating with your subconscious.

Techniques to control dream characters

1. Shout out loud a command and truly believe that what you are saying will happen, if you have enough control over the dream and enough belief the action will occur.

2. If you are an unassertive person you can try persuading the dream character that they aren’t real and you can kindly ask them to carry out an action.

3. You could use a mind control device on the dream characters to make them do what you want.

Tips for controlling dream characters

  • Keep on reminding yourself that you're in control of the dream, and that the dream characters are a part of your mind.
  • Try experimenting with different ways to control your dream characters.

How to control the dream environment

What is the dream environment?

The dream environment is the world you are dreaming about, it consists of 4 different areas. The type of weather(sun,rain,snow) you are experiencing. The location you are dreaming of, the location could be your house, a distant planet or random place you have imagined. The universal laws that you believe are true, for example gravity will almost certainly be pulling you down. Finally the last area of the dream environment is light, you will determine whether it is night time or day time by the amount of light you are seeing.

Uses of controlling the dream environment

1. Depending on your preference you can control the weather to suit your needs, you can choose to feel the heat of the sun or you can stare at a beautiful snow shower or you may want to change it in another way the choice is up to you.

2. The location of the dream is a massive and infinite variable, you can choose to visit anywhere you imagine or you can visit a place you have seen before.

3. Sometimes our dreams are constrained down by the general laws of the universe, for example we imagine that in our dreams gravity will be applied although it can be turned off.

4. The light in our dreams may want to be changed to match something we would like to do, for example going clubbing or to view beautiful environments where light is needed.

Techniques to control the dream environment

Controlling the weather
1. To control the weather you need to try closing your eyes and strongly saying what the weather should be aloud.

For example shouting out loud “start snowing” or “Make the sun come out”.

2. As snow is more likely to occur during winter you could look at a calender and imagine the days changing rapidly until you reach the winter, the belief alone that winter bring snow will cause this to happen.

Changing the location of the dream
1. Spinning can be a great way to change the location of your dream, simply imagine a place where you would like to go and spin 360degrees in a full circle, when you stop spinning you should have teleported to the location.

This technique may cause dreamers to wake up or to gain more control, it depends on the dreamer.

2. Find a door in your dream and just before you walk through it imagine a location where the door will lead to.

For example, “I imagined a candyland beyond the door in front of me, as I walked through the door I walked into a massive area made of candy.”

Changing the dreams universal laws
1. To change the dreams universal laws you simply need to shut your eyes and tell yourself that a certain universal law does not exist.

For example “gravity does not exist”,”earth isn’t circular”,”music can be seen with your own eyes”.

2. You can also imagine you are carrying an object that when interacted with can, “make gravity turn off”.

For example you can imagine pushing a green button that when pressed will change all the stars into a bright green colour.

Changing the Weather
1. If you want to turn night to day or day to night, try finding and flipping a switch. It is a great way to change the dreams lighting. It can be quite tough to master but with enough practice you will achieve it. You need to strongly believe that when you flip the switch it will turn on the sun or the moon.

Tips for controlling the dream environment

  • Try each technique listed a few times.
  • Control small parts of the dream environment slowly, changing too much in the beginning can cause premature awakenings
  • Closing your eyes and shouting verbal commands are effective ways of controlling all elements of lucid dreams
  • Keep practising and your dream control will develop more and more.