How many lucid dreams can you experience in a night?

The amount of lucid dreams you can experience in a night is unlimited if you are very experienced you can probably choose how many you want in a night. Using the right techniques can also backup the amount of lucid dreams you want. You may just want to have one big lucid dream that lasts the whole night, this can happen too but it is very rare.

What was my first lucid dream like?

I remember my first lucid dream very vividly, a couple of nights before i had the lucid dream, I dreamt that I went to a carnival and was having a great time until suddenly zombies started attacking everyone before the dream could develop i woke up. So a few days after i had this dream the dream happened again and it was more or less exactly the same, i got to the same stage the previous dream got to where everyone was running from the zombies and i thought to myself this has GOT to be a dream, i started laughing and running away from the zombies inside the dream i couldnt believe how realistic and amazing it was.

How can i make a lucid dream last longer?

At a certain point inside a lucid dream you will feel the dream start to fade away, to make it last longer and look clearer follow these tips,
• Concentrate on what you are feeling, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing inside your dream.
• Spin 360 Degrees or more and your lucid dream should stablise.
• Rub your hands together and as a result the dream should stablise.

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