Steps to Lucid dream successfully

For an introduction to lucid dreaming please click here.

Lucid dreams can be achieved depending on a few things, these are;

• Experience – The amount of experience you have with lucid dreaming.
• Persiverance – How much effort and time you put into it.
• Passion – How much you actually want a lucid dream.
• Knowledge – The more knowledge the better!
• Natural Talent – How naturally talented you are.

Fulfilling all of the objectives above will ensure you will learn how to lucid dream on a regular basis. Below I will describe how this can be achieved.

Step 1. Keep a Dream Journal

A Dream Journal is used for describing and writing about the dreams you have had when you wake up. A dream journal will make your dreams alot more realistic, vivid and will also increase your dream recall (Remembering future dreams). Remember, you should always keep your journal by the side of you so when you wake up you can write down what you remember. Also try and write about the dream in as much detail as you can, think about the feelings you felt, the sounds you heard and the smells you smelt. A dream journal is a must for learning how to lucid dream.

Tip: Reading through an entry from your dream journal when you are just about to fall asleep can actually recreate the dream you experienced.

Step 2. Reality Checks

Reality checks are one, if not the most important step you need to take in order to learn how to lucid dream. Reality checks consist of doing various checks throughout the day to test whether you are asleep or not, these checks can consist of;

1. Looking at your hands to ensure they look normal.
2. Holding your nose and trying to breathe normally.
3. Looking around your surrowndings to look for anything strange and abnormal.
4. Switching electronics on/off – normally electronics like light s will not work.
5. Try writing the letter C on your hand in waking life, every time you see the letter ask yourself “Am I dreaming”.
6. Look at a digital watch and make note of the time, look again a few seconds after. If the time has changed dramatically in a short period of time you are dreaming.

In a dream, your hands can look abnormal, in some dreams I have had; 10 fingers, hands shaped like tiny boats, different coloured hands and stretched long hands – looking at your hands can be a dead giveaway as to whether your dreaming or not.

Holding or pinching your nose in a dream is great way to determine whether you are dreaming or not, when you do this you can actually hear your body breathing outside of the dream, this of course this isnt possible in waking life.

Looking around your surrowndings is another good way to determine whether your dreaming or not. This is beacause dreams can be set anywhere; it could be set underwater, a different planet, in the skies, in a cave or anywhere else that seems odd.

Electronics are very glitchy and unreliable in a dream, when you try and turn a light on or off they will not change, if you try using a computer or playing on an xbox they will also do unpredictable things. If something similar happens in waking life, where you cant interact with electronics ask yourself “Am i dreaming?”.

All Reality checks work well beacause your subconsious takes them in and remembers you doing them, therefore this should automatically happen in your dreams, the more reality checks you do in a day increases your chances of having lucid dreams.

To learn how to lucid dream efficently you need to do reality checks!

To ensure reality checks work for you, try to do atleast 30-50+ reality checks a day. Also make sure that you seriously question your current state.

Step 3. Knowing your dream signs

A dream sign is a person, situation or experience that occurs in your dream on a regular basis. Dream signs are mainly relevant to the individual.

If, for example, frequent dreams you experience feature a location you have visited, that could be a dream sign for you. Dream signs are great as a form of reality check.

There are 2 different types of dream signs, universal dream signs and personal dream signs. Universal dream signs are found commonly around the globe as everybody experiences them. Personal dream signs are only related to past or present events that have occured in your life.

Below is a table showing different universal and personal dream signs.

Universal Dream Signs Personal Dream Signs
Your teeth falling out Locations relevant to you
Endlessly falling People relevant to you
Electronics failing Recurring Dreams
Unreadable Text Your Experiences

So, learn what your dream signs are by reviewing each dream you have in your dream journal, look for persistent locations, people or experiences and then try to be aware and lookout for those dreamsigns.

Dream signs are important for learning how to lucid dream as you need to know what signs to look out for.

Step 4. Learn and use techniques

Learning and practicing new techniques is a good way to induce lucid dreams. You should try lots of different techniques at least once and make notes of which technique is best for you. The techniques vary in difficulty and complexiety, some may take along time to perfect and some may take a matter of days.

Visit the lucid dreaming techniques page to learn more.

Step 5. Try supplements/products

This step is optional and totally up to you. Supplements and products like vitamin B6, apple juice and vitamin B12 are great for enhancing your dream recall and dream clarity, which in the long term will make you experience more lucid dreams frequently. They are overall great for lucid dreaming.

Visit the lucid dreaming products page to learn more.

Step 6. Build up your knowledge

It is important you learn as much about lucid dreaming as you can, you should visit these pages, what you can do in a lucid dream, learn lucid dreaming technics. These are all great pages to extend your knowledge on how to lucid dream.

Step 7. Get Motivated!

Get motivated to learn more about how to lucid dream by reading 101 things you can do in a lucid dream and 5 Reasons to start lucid dreaming today!


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Step 8. Share your experiences

Sharing your experiences of dreams either lucid or normal is a good way to re-remember the dream, and improve future dream recall. Overall sharing your dream experiences will encourage others to start learning how to lucid dream.

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