FILD Technique

The FILD Technique is a very easy lucid dreaming technique used to accomplish lucid dreams. You can choose to use this technique as soon as you go to bed or you can use it when you wake up in the middle of the night.

The technique involves your concentration on your fingers when you fall asleep, the FILD technique works best when you are tired please follow the instructions below for how to do it.

1. Relax and try to fall asleep.
2. As soon as you start to feel yourself slipping into sleep start to move one of your fingers up and down very slowly and repeatably. You only need to move your finger in a similar way to pushing a button on a computer keyboard.
3. Keep focusing on your finger and nothing else.
4. After about 1 minute – 2 minutes you should start to see a dream form.
5. Do a reality check, if you are in a dream congratulations! If you aren’t just relax and try the technique again.

To determine whether this technique properly works for you try this technique at least once a day for a few weeks.