MILD Technique

The MILD technique is said to be one of the easiest lucid dreaming techniques as you are trying to revisit a previous dream that you have awakened from. Please try the steps listed below.

Here is the steps you should follow to carry out the MILD Technique.

  1. Set up your dream recall
    Before you go to sleep tell yourself to wake up and recall dreams during each dream period you experience or the first dream period after 6am.
  2. Wake up & Recall your dream
    Every time you awaken from a dream period make sure you try and recall as many details about the dream as possible.
  3. Return to sleep focused
    When you are returning back to sleep concentrate on your intention to experience a lucid dream, keep asking yourself  “Am I Dreaming?”. Make sure all your thoughts are to your lucid dreaming.
  4. Imagine yourself becoming lucid
    Whilst you are focusing try and imagine that you are back in the dream from which you have just awakened from. Try and imagine to recognise that it is a dream and try to find a dream sign in the experience, when you find a dream sign say to yourself  “I’m Dreaming”, keep imagining doing different things and eventually you will realise that you are actually in a lucid dream.
  5. Repeat
    Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you fall into a lucid dream, if at first you don’t succeed keep on trying.