WILD Technique


WILD or Wake induced lucid dreams are where you induce a lucid dream straight away after falling asleep. It is possible to have a lucid dream when you first fall asleep but it is more likely to happen when you have woken up after about 4 hours sleep.

The objective of the WILD is to make your body fall asleep but keep your mind awake, this way you will go straight into a dream conciously.

To do a WILD follow these tips;

  1. Fall asleep normally but try to relax every part of your body.
  2. Try not thinking about anything
  3. After about 10-30 minutes you may start seeing images or hearing sounds this is called Hypnogogic Imagery, we all go through this when we are just about to go into a dream.
  4. After experiencing the Hypnogogic Imagery you should see the dream being formed and before long you should be lucid.